Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My brother got married a couple weekends ago. We flew to Seattle WA, rented a car and drove the rest of the way to the suburbs of Vancouver BC.

As one of the bridesmaids, the morning of the wedding, I got to enjoy and amazing breakfast at The Little White House in Langley BC. They had and amazing platter set out for us that included some French Macarons. Very few of the others there had heard of them but my mouth was watering as I raced through the other goodies in anticipation of trying one. They were fabulous!

I went back a couple days later and bought several more. I've been debating trying to make them myself for a while now and those few that I had solidified my resolve.

For my first attempt I decided to use just the most basic recipe from Not So Humble Pie. They turned out great! To fill them I made a simple buttercream icing and added flavor with some honey-butterscotch sauce I had left over from making ice cream the other day.

I can't wait to try other flavor variations!