Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 - Day 2

I fully intended to knock out my hour of sewing while the girls were at preschool this morning.
But I crawled back into bed and ended up sleeping until it was almost time to pick them up!
I did manage to squeeze some sewing time in this afternoon.
This one was T's choice. She wanted me to lengthen it into a dress. The pattern is from Sewing MODKID Style: Modern Threads for the Cool Girl. And the fabric is from Girl Charlee.

KCW Day 2 halter top2
KCW Day 2 halter top3
I had to bribe her to model for me. And to her credit she threw herself into it.
KCW Day 2 halter top1

Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 - Day 1

This week is Kids Clothes Week!
This morning I got the ball rolling with this dress:

KCW Spring 2013 Day 1 Dress by Tea&Dahlias
I took out a bunch of different fabrics and patterns this morning when it was just Dahlia and I awake. She picked out this fabric and a pattern from my collection of patterns. Dahlia only wore it for a few minutes before she wanted to change. T has been wearing it since. I absolutely adore the bow at the back.
KCW Spring 2013 Day 1 Dress by Tea&Dahlias
Unfortunately I'm going to have to change the straps to bias tape straps. The grosgrain ribbon just didn't hold up to playing at all.You can see that here if you look where the strap joins the dress.
Broken Strap :(

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kids Clothes Week is coming!

It's time for Kids Clothes Week! It seems I miss it every time it's on. Either I find out too late or it doesn't work with my schedule. This Spring it's April 22nd-29th.
I'm so excited to be able to participate this season!

On my last trip to Ottawa I managed to get to Fabrications and picked up a couple great pieces of fabric that I'm excited to turn into some sweet summer dresses.

I'm going to make the Oliver+ S Ice Cream Dress. Plus I have a bunch of knits I want to work with.
I'm so excited!