Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 - Day 1

This week is Kids Clothes Week!
This morning I got the ball rolling with this dress:

KCW Spring 2013 Day 1 Dress by Tea&Dahlias
I took out a bunch of different fabrics and patterns this morning when it was just Dahlia and I awake. She picked out this fabric and a pattern from my collection of patterns. Dahlia only wore it for a few minutes before she wanted to change. T has been wearing it since. I absolutely adore the bow at the back.
KCW Spring 2013 Day 1 Dress by Tea&Dahlias
Unfortunately I'm going to have to change the straps to bias tape straps. The grosgrain ribbon just didn't hold up to playing at all.You can see that here if you look where the strap joins the dress.
Broken Strap :(


  1. I found that out about grossgrain ribbon the hard way with my girls' Easter dresses. I was so bummed the ribbon broke. :(

    1. I was bummed because the bow is too cute but fortunately for me it's an easy fix. I hope the Easter dresses were an easy fix!