Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Top 11 of 2011

Click It Up A Notch

There's an awesome contest going on over at Click it up a notch.
They challenge you to find your top 11 images of 2011.
So here I go giving it a try...

11. Trillian wouldn't give me a genuine smile for most of the year, and it wasn't until the very end of the year that I discovered I could tell her to laugh with me, and do a big fake laugh with her to get a real smile.
111222 Trillian 02

10. We had christmas lights for the first time, so I wanted to play with what happens with them as the light source. I got a ton of great pics of D from this adventure. IMG_4538e

9. Dahlia in her Halloween Costume - She loves it so much she still puts it on a few times a week and wanders around our house dressed like this.
Dahlia's first trick or treating

8. Trillian's First Day of School

7. Dahlia is my Climber. She didn't hesitate when she came across this fence

6. My sister and my nephew - My sister NEVER lets me photograph her. I love this shot of them so engaged with each other

5. My darling husband - Since I was in charge of the cameras at my mom's wedding, we made sure to bring ways for Justin to entertain the girls. I love this photo of him.

4. Taste the rainbow - As an artist Dahlia thinks outside the box

3. Trillian blowing bubble for Dahlia
Trillian blowing bubbles for Dahlia

2. Dahlia had snuck into the raspberry bush and picked it clean

1. IMG_2147e


  1. Wow, that climbing is pretty impressive! I'm assuming the paint is pudding finger paint...or maybe not :) I love her Halloween costume!

  2. Love the artist shot!!! And the things we do to get kids to smile. It is always a task to discover what will make the next one smile.