Thursday, April 12, 2012


Chopping down the most prolific plant ever (Rose of Sharon. If you're thinking of planting them don't... seriously....)

Those are just last year's volunteers. There are literally dozens of these grown to about 8 ft tall around the perimeter of my yard. I've been chopping them down. With the resulting branches I decided to make tents for the girls.


I just lashed four branches together for each one, and then draped fabric over the branches. I'm planning on getting a bit more fancy with the fabric and adding buttons (Trillian asked to be able to close hers) and ribbons (To tie them to the branches.) The fabric comes inside when we're done playing since I don't want it to get ruined by the elements.

They loved them. T told me to leave her alone so she could take a nap.
Leave Me Alone

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