Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Ornaments with Kids

Hurricane Irene took our Christmas Tree and all our ornaments in the flooding she left behind.
It's a blessing in disguise because we really need to build a collection of ornaments that are OURS and not what either of us ended up with from our previous lives.

I like the idea of a coordinated tree. I love the shop displays that have a tree with only one or two different colors of ornaments on them. But I also value handmade... I came up with an idea to help keep my tree looking sharp, while still remaining a tree with handmade ornaments.
I have a WIDE variety of crafting supplies and sewing notions. So I picked up some clear glass ornaments. (8 for $2.99 was very affordable!) And I raided my stash (and my friend's stash) for white things that would fit inside.
T had a blast helping me put things in the ornaments. She happily put beads in one of them one at a time. Kept her busy long enough for me to make several others!

Pipe cleaner - be careful with these. If your pipe cleaner is too stiff it will poke a hole in the glass.

Beads - this was a great way to keep T busy while I made others.

Feather - this one is my favorite by far. It's just a single craft feather.

Ribbon - I chose a wide satin ribbon, but it would look cool with a thinner one too!

Zipper - I had to use a zipper with a small head, the other one I had wouldn't fit.

Yarn - I fed cotton yarn into the ball until I was happy with the look then I cut it. Rather than cut a length and have it be too short.

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  1. Yeah, now I totally have to make these too. :)