Friday, March 2, 2012

Love and Sweetness

I've entered a once a month photo challenge over at Clickin Moms.
Once a month you'll see what I've come up with for the theme we've been given.

For February our theme was Love and Sweetness.

The theme was perfect timing for us. My sister's cat had kittens! The girls and I made the trip north to visit my mom but of course we made the stop at my sister's house. Trillian was hugging and loving the kittens so much. She even begged "Can I take one home? PLEASE???" As adorable as they are, our house is already at maximum capacity for pets (possibly beyond depending on who you ask).

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IMG_6288 IMG_6293



  1. Ahhhh, these are so precious!

  2. Kittens and curls, a few of my favorite things! Very nice! :)

  3. How sweet are those kittens!

  4. such a cute girl and adorable kittens, love it!

  5. i loved clicking through all those other blogs... im going to be distracted by this arent i? :P