Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crocheted Pillowcase

T is really into pink. She pretty much refuses to wear any of her clothes that aren't pink. But her room suffers from a severe overdose of pink. I'm trying to tame it while keeping her taste in mind as well.
I found this light blue fabric with sparkles, unicorns, rainbows and pink stars. I knew it was perfect for her.

The glitter made the texture weird and I wouldn't want to sleep with my face on it, so I used a softer solid teal for the main part of the pillowcase and some vintage rickrack from my Grandma's stash to combine them. I love the added detail of crochet trim, so I did a simple shell stitch around the outside.

She loves it so much, when I told her I was taking pictures of it she insisted on pretending to sleep on the couch with it. She was even fake-snoring.

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